• Employee experience, simply put, is creating an environment where employees want and not need to work. It encapsulates what people encounter and observe over the period of time they work in the organization.

    With the ongoing pandemic, there has not been a better time in history for organizations to focus on the employee experience they are providing. If you are business leader or a C-suite Management professional, this is the question to ask yourself – “Have you treated your employees the same at times of crisis and at times when they are doing great?” According to Jacob Morgan, best-selling author & Keynote Speaker, there are 3 environments that define employee experience – Culture, Technology, andPhysical Space. They are what he says makes the Employee Experience Equation. We will look at them one-by-one.

  • Happy and productive employees are the building blocks of a successful company. It is true that companies have to consider the various ways they can retain their employees during difficult times. This is an especially stressing subject even as we reach the end of 2020. Social distancing is still in effect in the UAE and we are still wearing our masks out of fear of the law and for our health. It is quite a tricky situation to find the right balance of working from home and from office as we continue to strive to bring things back to normal. This is when it becomes important adopting creative ways to keep your employees motivated and totodoootoloyal to your leadership and in the company. Here are 5 Employee Retention Strategies for you to consider.

  • Effective communication and a shared vision within a team can counteract the effects of isolation or physical separation among remotely working teams. Studies suggest that virtual team building activities have the power to make remote teams feel like tight-knit groups even when separated physically. Virtual team building is the process of leveraging purpose, vision and enthusiasm to boost employee morale and commitment. Employees have to feel included and experience being in the loop while working from geographically separate locations. These activities become essential especially because of the below reasons.