• Talent evaluation, recruiting, and retention have all changed dramatically over the years. To address future difficulties and developing trends in recruiting, employee management is continuously evolving and transforming. Disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data are driving talent acquisition and making it more appealing than ever. With the ever-changing recruiting trends, agencies and businesses must keep on top of the game. First, let us just define what assessment is.


  • Companies like Kodak, Compaq, Toys R Us and Blockbuster have understood the lessons of brand erosion and subsequently, have all been bought out, or ceased to exist. Firms such as Samsung, Wal-Mart, Google, Nike, and Costco, on the other hand, have all been named as one of the 50 most creative companies of 2020 in a poll performed by Boston Consulting Group. There is no doubt that one of their effective techniques in keeping up with the times is the incorporation of the latest technologies.


  • HR is frequently one of the company's most overworked and understaffed areas. Every day, they must answer hundreds of queries about benefits, handle new workers, and organise paperwork—often with mountains of their files to go through. HR automation can make it easier to manage and do so on a budget. Let us discuss some of the popular processes that can be automated.

    Onboarding and Recruitment

    Employee onboarding is one of the manual HR processes. It includes collecting documents for verification, giving tool access to new hires, raising device requests, and more. The HR department spends numerous hours attempting to compile all of the information required for recruiting and onboarding new workers. They must keep track of a lot of documentation during this procedure, including the new employee's resume, job description, personal documents, and so on. Most of the time, they are all paper procedures that are transmitted between workers while they work on different tasks. You can see how easy it is to misplace documentation or cause the recruiting process to drag on.