How to Maintain a Work-Life Balance while Working from Home

The switch to remote working for companies was swift and unexpected. If you are a manager or team leader, this may leave you concerned about maintaining work-flow and employee productivity. But, on the contrary, a lot of companies found the problem faced by their employees to be the struggle to maintain a positive Work-Life balance. As a matter of fact, a lot of the employees found themselves working way past working hours, even sending out or replying to email even at 10 PM. While this may not be the sign of productivity a lot of individuals who Work Remotely have found this change to be productive. A study conducted by the Forbes magazine found that 58% of the 50-member team they studied said that they found it more productive to work from home.

The real concern every management has to worry about is that in the long run, long working hours does not automatically equate to higher employee productivity. There are so many studies by various researchers that say that after-hours work in the long run leads to burnout and decreased productivity. Once the pandemic is over and businesses gets back to normal, last thing you want is for your employees to rejoin office tired and burnt out from the same job that they have been doing during the pandemic. Here are four ways to set a healthy work-life balance.

1.   Have a dedicated home-office or work space.

This is easier said than done in UAE as most of us live in shared living spaces. But if possible, it is recommended to have dedicated workspaces to help you stay focused. But it is more important to help you switch off when working hours are over. Having separate areas for work and home mode makes it easier for you to switch between the two.

2.   Don’t use work laptop during off-hours.

Even if the first point is not possible, this is easily possible for most of us. Just like having different locations for work and play, it is also essential to have separate work tools. This again helps you switch into and out of work mode.

3.   Leave home once a day.

Unless it’s safe to, it is not recommended to go out into the public because of the pandemic situation. But if possible, go out for a walk or a jog at the end of the work hours. But be sure to avoid crowded places and maintain social distancing. If it’s not possible for you to do this, do a few sets of exercises or stretches at home. A physical activity is required because your body needs to move and this will also help divert your mind from work and help you relax.

4.   Plan After-Work Activities

With the on-going pandemic situation, pay-cuts and social distancing in place, it is especially difficult for you to break away from work have personal time. But nevertheless, you do have to leave your desk and have to have your “me-time”. Be it meeting a friend for a drink, visiting the nearest “chai” place for a cup of tea or hitting the gym, these are as important to life as staying safe and healthy. In order to be not stuck with work longer than needed, it is essential to plan an After-Work activity. These can be anything from going for a jog, preparing dinner or scheduling a call with family back home or a long distance friend at 5 PM sharp. By making such plans, you will have compelling reasons to “leave” work on time.