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If you are starting a new business, don't know how to get a long with colleagues, recently got promoted and facing difficulty managing your team, making organizational changes and don't know how to manage the transition, or a fresh graduate looking to start a job search journey, we are here to help you and guide you through it.

Every person at some point in their career, they stop and think what am I doing? why am I here? or how can I overcome a career obstacle? That is why at Mehan we help our clients with their career challenges by listening to their specific issue and work together to help them overcome those challenges and provide them with the required guidance and moral support.

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How It Works

Request to book an appointment through our website detailing what you need help with

We will give you a call to schedule a one hour long session and send you an invoice

Pay the invoice to confirm your career guidance session 


Attend the session to get the help you need


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