Mehan Talks – How to find“Success through People

Mehan Talks – How to find“Success through People

Did you know only 1 in every 5 leadership or Emirati hire turns out to be successful?
Mehan Talks – How to find “Success through People”

– A backstage pass into the minds of successful leaders, entrepreneurs, and change-makers
The podcast is aligned with our Vision to build thriving workplaces contributing to the growth of UAE’s GDP.
Our collective mission as Home Grown leaders is to collaborate with talent partners.

↳ “Give back to UAE & Emirati Community.”

These podcasts aren’t your typical monotone lectures.
Nope, they’re dynamic conversations that reveal the human side of hiring and getting hired as leadership talent.
Mehan Talks is where experience meets strategy. We talk to experts with whom we will unveil real-life stories and practical strategies
This isn’t just listening, it’s learning through the power of story.
Through compelling narratives, you’ll be transported into the heart of real-world leadership and hiring challenges.
Every episode provides real-life examples and stories on range of topic not limited to the below

• Avoiding costly hiring mistakes ❌
• Identifying the best cultural fit ✅
• Building a leadership team that drives results

• Hiring for the future, not just the resume
• Fostering a culture of engagement and productivity
• Bringing diversity and inclusion to the forefront of leadership

Join the conversation on Mehan Talks and discover how to find the right leadership role, build winning collaboration strategies and cultivate a workplace where everyone thrives!

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