Five Habits that will Improve your Work Life

Small changes and tweaks in your habits and routines in your daily life can have a ripple effect that creates a huge impact in your life down the line. You may not be surprised to know that a vast number of people are not happy with their work, ranging from basic disappointment to downright depression. Most believe that a change of job will positively affect their emotions while others think getting away from a negative situation as soon as possible will bring them happiness. According to numerous surveys, a common pattern observed was that none of them had a plan or sense of direction as to where they want to reach in their career. It is easier said than done to ask yourself the hard questions and reflect upon your strengths and shortcomings, and what you like to and do not like to do in your life.

Furthermore, a fully formulated plan will not suffice. There are certain habits one must adopt that will aid in the execution of the plan. This is exactly what is observed when you conduct a close study of successful people of the world. Here are some of the habits.

Decide what you want to do with your Professional Life

Putting yourself on autopilot and letting your professional life go with the stream will only cause you to lose precious years of your life. Possessing a clear goal in your mind will help you have a North Star to follow. Map out a plan to achieve this goal and start taking baby steps in this general direction. Spend time regularly at least every month to evaluate where you have arrived on the plan and to keep yourself on schedule. You have to have this goal in mind in every decision you make and every step you take in your career. Some days it will feel like you are running, on other days it will be a drag but it's all part of the game.

Take Care of Yourself

You are a finely tuned machine. Avoid burnout from over-working. Eat right, exercise, read and meet new people and learn something new every day. This will help you become smarter, more confident, have the mental, emotional and physical strength to help you succeed. This is essential for you to power through obstacles when times get tough.

Listen More

When you find success or when you highly focus on self-improvement, it can be easy to become complacent with yourself and your beliefs. Be open and receptive to new ideas and suggestions from your co-workers, managers, and others, as this will help you learn from them and grow more instead of plateauing. If you shut yourself out, you will be perceived as stubborn, unyielding, and resistant to change. They will slowly become frustrated and tired of dealing with you. These traits are undesired by the management and will act as deterrents to your career growth. 

Seek Out Mentors and Peer Groups to Network With

You do not have to be the know-it-all. Nobody can know everything there is to know as soon as you step out of university. There are smart and experienced people everywhere who loves to share their accumulated wisdom with a protégé. Seek them out and make them your mentors. Learn about them and research their history. While you are at it, find peer groups to bounce off ideas and knowledge and to accompany you in this journey. It is mentally, emotionally, and spiritually helpful to surround yourself with like-minded people intent on improving themselves and growing their careers. Down the road, when you reach a position of respect, return that wisdom down the line to individuals who are coming after you.

Stop Comparing Yourselves with Others

It is easy to fall into this pit and look at somebody you went to high school with and compare yourself with their success. This is especially easier with social media. If you are one of those people, you need to stop that right now and climb out of that trap. It crushes your self-esteem and mentally and emotionally taxing in various other ways. Instead, try to be happy for their success and focus your energy and efforts carving a successful path for yourselves.